27 01 2011

a child’s lost in the desert
it’s so dusty in the desert
the child grew fond of the dust
dust flew into his eyes
and has taught him tears
so that he could now cry
and he washes his heart once in a while

greek version

imperfect agony

24 01 2011

Countryside keeps quieting, covered in morning’s peace, hidden under a thin blanket of rime
But a robin’s sounded around and a small swarm of bees gathering earlier blooming flowers cheated by warm winter
Butterflies also sing, and the motionless leaves of small orange trees as well; human hearing, though, appears to be imperfect
Small trees heavy laden with orange fruit patiently await to meet me
I escape into the city, hoping to waste my agony; I waste myself instead
At the edge of the road, on the afternoon, I recall I have left behind small orange trees to grow up all alone

greek version

your eyes’ light on

13 01 2011
your eyes' light on

“blue night” phot@rt by Aeglie

See the night:
how it’s growing denser all around!
It surrounds us with close wet woven nets;
it hides the way.
You don’t even have the right of spending energy – hard times.
You’re forced to drive with your low beams
– on slow speed, as well –
since the road’s hidden deep into the heavy rain of dark forecasts.
And, there comes a moment, when you can see the light of your eyes.
You shed it on ahead with all of your heart;
you break the weft of fear.
With your new sight now, you speed up as you will.
The companion says “slow down, I cannot see my step.”
“Shed your eyes’ light over ahead,” you encourage him.
And, as long as he seeks it inside him, you describe the magic of a night ride;
and, you promise, you go straight ahead beyond dawn,

greek version

το φως των ματιών σου

3 01 2011

“together” phot@rt by Aeglie

Κοίτα η νύχτα πώς πυκνώνει γύρω
Τυλίγει υγρά δίχτυα πιο κοντά όλο και πιο κοντά μας
Κρύβει την πορεία
Ούτε έχεις δικαίωμα – σε τέτοιους καιρούς – να ξοδέψεις ενέργεια
Υποχρεώνεσαι να οδηγείς με χαμηλά φώτα
Χαμηλές ταχύτητες, επίσης
Αφού ο δρόμος είναι κρυμμένος μέσα στη βροχή των ζοφερών προγνώσεων
Και τότε ανακαλύπτεις το φως των ματιών σου
Το ρίχνεις μπροστά με όλη τη δύναμη της καρδιάς σου
Διαρρηγνύεις το υφάδι του φόβου
Με καινούργια ματιά, αναπτύσσεις τη δική σου ταχύτητα
Ο συνοδοιπόρος λέει ‘πιο σιγά, δε βλέπω’
‘Ρίξε εμπρός το φως των ματιών σου’ τον προτρέπεις
Κι ως να το βρει εντός του, περιγράφεις τη μαγεία της νυχτερινής διαδρομής
Και υπόσχεσαι ότι θα βγείτε κατευθείαν στην αυγή

english version

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