fresh form

9 07 2013
fresh flowered

“fresh flowered” phot@rt by Aeglie

It’s nobody’s fault
And nothing hurts
I just feel sad
So I sing a song
To form a fresh
Into my mind world

Stars, heavens beyond
Brighten night skies
Beauty into eyes drops
Into hearts delight
Miracles people work
Peace world wide

imperfect agony

24 01 2011

Countryside keeps quieting, covered in morning’s peace, hidden under a thin blanket of rime
But a robin’s sounded around and a small swarm of bees gathering earlier blooming flowers cheated by warm winter
Butterflies also sing, and the motionless leaves of small orange trees as well; human hearing, though, appears to be imperfect
Small trees heavy laden with orange fruit patiently await to meet me
I escape into the city, hoping to waste my agony; I waste myself instead
At the edge of the road, on the afternoon, I recall I have left behind small orange trees to grow up all alone

greek version

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