define freedom

30 06 2011
"singing, we create the world" dr@wing by Aeglie

“singing, we create the world” dr@wing by Aeglie

freedom is a small though compound word

it tries to give a clue to individuals about being free to deem beyond any bounds and boundaries of the process of thinking

it keeps whispering to human beings about being free to consider beyond any bonds and bondages of the frame of thought

it hopes it will teach people to set free their free will and release their great might hidden and forgotten deep inside

freedom is a very precious present for the present day’s free world; and that’s why it’s kept safe behind borders of any kind

your eyes’ light on

13 01 2011
your eyes' light on

“blue night” phot@rt by Aeglie

See the night:
how it’s growing denser all around!
It surrounds us with close wet woven nets;
it hides the way.
You don’t even have the right of spending energy – hard times.
You’re forced to drive with your low beams
– on slow speed, as well –
since the road’s hidden deep into the heavy rain of dark forecasts.
And, there comes a moment, when you can see the light of your eyes.
You shed it on ahead with all of your heart;
you break the weft of fear.
With your new sight now, you speed up as you will.
The companion says “slow down, I cannot see my step.”
“Shed your eyes’ light over ahead,” you encourage him.
And, as long as he seeks it inside him, you describe the magic of a night ride;
and, you promise, you go straight ahead beyond dawn,

greek version

autumn lights up

2 10 2009

Night grows longer
Colder grows the dark
In front of you –
beaming through you –
your inner light steps ahead;
the light you are
You now walk beyond
being not afraid of
any whispering shadows
Lighting your own will
you deliver out of black
colored, perfumed gardens
golden flowers, silver birds
hidden into misty air
eagerly awaiting:
You would whistle;
you would call, you ‘d wake
their beauty to flourish

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