10 01 2016

silent white
swayed by the wind
it covers trails

greek version

may apricots

7 10 2012

Swallows fly close to the earth tonight
North May wind is getting up,
whistles and blows wild
Snow smells from distant mounts
We put again on something warm
We make sure our windows closed
Left apricots into the bowl upon the table
A hunger for fear nothing satisfies

greek version

an ancient song

6 10 2012

I walk alone, early evening, along the rough path among the blue sea and the bare hill
The wind sings a song I alone can hear; I alone can witness
I have to remember
I strongly feel I have to remember this song the wind sings to me
I whistle along with the wind
It’s an ancient song I sing
Blue waters sing along with me
Rocky slopes sing along with me
Blue waves in shade
Red crags against sunset

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